American Troubadour a new album by Alan AtKisson

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Welcome to my new album, American Troubadour. Here you can listen to the album and explore some of the places and stories that inspired me. It's a big world, and I've been fortunate to see a lot of it. Music is one way of sharing my experience with you. When you find your favorite song, please share it with your friends.

Alan AtKisson
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American Troubadour, a new album by Alan AtKisson Available on

About the album

“American Troubadour” is the remarkable new album by the American-Swedish singer-songwriter Alan AtKisson. Recorded in Stockholm, and featuring some of the city's top musical talent, it is his sixth recording for Rain City Records. The title song is a powerful statement of Alan’s hopes for the red-white-and-blue country of his birth. But Alan is also deeply at home in blue-and-gold Sweden (“Midsummer Island”), as well as being a global citizen who has travelled the world to promote a sustainable way of life. These songs are the harvest of a decade of traveling and encountering the world through two sets of eyes, two nations, two cultures.

A special thanks to: Andreas Bauman, Tobias Fall, Mats Nilsson, Micke Ajax, Mats Ronander, Hasse Ohlsson, Lars Tallert, Tarja Häggmark, Eva Svedberg Engström, Camilla Skantze and Johan Rydh

© 2014 Rain City Records, all songs © Alan AtKisson
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American Troubadour, a new album by Alan AtKisson Available on


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